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Antarctica: Empire Of The Penguin – Opens In Spring 2013

SeaWorld Antarctica - Penguins

Sea World recently introduced its newest and biggest ever, expansion, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, which looks amazing.

The new expansion, set to open in the Spring of 2013, will feature four species of penguins found in the Antarctic and subantarctic. The penguins will be located throughout the attraction in areas designed to mimic and give visitors a glimpse into their natural habitat.

The attraction will also feature a state of the art ride that will utilize an industry first ride system, which will use trackless navigation. The idea is to give the riders the feel of a penguin waddling and sliding on the ice in Antarctica. The new SeaWorld ride will follow the adventure of a penguin in the wild.

Empire of the Penguin cars can each carry 8 passengers. Each ride will be unique with the ability to be flexible and unpredictable. There will be two levels of intensity that riders can choose from and there will be multiple paths the ride’s cars can take.

Here is the description of the Antarctica: Empire Of The Penguin expansion found on SeaWorld’s official blog:

You’ll be surrounded by the sights, sounds and awesome encounters found in this frozen place,embarking on a one-of-a-kind ride and an incredible family adventure. You’ll experience the mystery and wonder of life on the ice through the eyes of a penguin, sensing the beauty and drama of their sometimes-dangerous habitat. Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin combines closer-than-ever animal connections with state-of-the-art interactive ride technologies for adventures that are different each time. And, it’s safe to say Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin will be the coldest theme park attraction in the word!

Plan your visit to Orlando’s SeaWorld for Spring 2013 at American Tours and Travel.

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