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Why We Can Handle Any Event

American Tours & Travel can handle the arrangements for any trip or special event!

When you travel with American Tours and Travel, Inc. you will receive the great advantage of our knowledge and experience in the group air market. We are knowledgeable in booking the best schedules and obtaining the best fares for your group. We do our own “in house” ticketing.

We know the ins and outs of transporting luggage and band instruments. All you have to do is give us a list of your instruments and we forward this list to the airlines. They are then ready to receive the equipment and we will have a truck available at the airport, if needed, depending upon the amount of equipment that has to be transferred. Often times, the equipment will fit under the buses along with luggage.

We also, recommend to some customers with a large amount of instruments to transport them by truck from their hometown to avoid the security issues mandated by Homeland Security. We are also extremely knowledgeable in handling last minute bookings r changes as sometimes unforeseen circumstances do happen. We have the ability to get you to where you have to be when you have to be there.

All of our tour guides have been with American Tours and Travel, Inc. for a minimum of ten years. They are extremely experienced and are on call 24 hours a day. In addition, a staff member in our office is also on call. So in case of any emergency, WE CAN BE REACHED! Our event coordinators are all experienced adults, not teenagers. We know the needs of the director’s as to stage set up, equipment needs, sound technology and an easy flow from arrival to departure. We are very unique in this area of our expertise.

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  • Universal’s Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon
  • Universal Orlando’s newest attraction, Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon, will officially open April 6.


  • Universal’s Volcano Bay™ Grand Opening May 25
  • Universal’s Third Park Rises Volcano Bay will span 30 fully immersive acres and feature a variety of experiences that range from daring to serene. Dozens of unique attractions will offer something for everyone, including a multi-directional wave pool with sandy beaches, a peaceful winding river, twisting multi-rider raft rides, speeding body slides that drop from […]