Disney Will Buy Lucasfilms for $4 Billion – Will They Create A New Sci-Fi Theme Park?

Disney Buys Star Wars

On Tuesday the Walt Disney Company announced it had agreed to acquire Lucasfilms for over $4 billion in stocks and cash. This announcement comes a few years after acquiring Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion and 6 years after acquiring Pixar for $7.4 billion. Disney has been very aggressive in acquiring new pieces to add to the growing empire.

The latest acquisition by Disney came as a surprise to most and was announced over a conference call with investors. Disney’s CEO Robert Iger said he plans to revive the Star Wars franchise and release a seventh feature film in the series in 2015 and then continue with new films coming every couple of years after with George Lucas consulting on each film. Disney received story/script treatments for the next three Star Wars films as part of the deal. The last Star Wars film was released 7 years ago and that amount of time has created a demand for a new film.

Many have assumed there are already Star Wars rides and theme areas in development at Disney and some have even suggested that Disney will create a completely new sci-fi fantasy theme park to house Star Wars and the growing stable of super hero and sci-fi franchises.

It will be exciting to see what Disney does with the legendary franchise and it will be interesting to see how it creates an interactive and entertaining experience for the millions of Star Wars fans.