Simpsons Expanding At Universal Studios

Simpsons Universal Studios Orlando

The Simpsons ride and themed area opened in 2008 and has been a featured attraction at Universal Studios Orlando since. Lately park goers have noticed construction around The Simpsons ride area, which has people talking about a possible expansion. The most popular rumor is that the new construction will include a Krusty Burger and maybe even a Moe’s Tavern, which would excite any Simpsons fan.

Universal Studios has been very focused on creating total fan experiences at the theme parks which completely immerse the fans in the make believe worlds. The best example would be the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which has been hugely successful for Universal and one of the experiences most people go back to see.

Universal Studios has been working on keeping it fresh so they have visitors who want to come back to the park and check out the new experiences or expansions. Building a completely immersive experience for fans of The Simpsons would be a great way to get visitors to come back to the park and enjoy The Simpsons ride all over again. Just the thought of being able to visit my favorite places from Springfield in real life is exciting.

Universal Studios Orlando is rumored to be making an announcement soon about the construction and we will let you know when the expansion will be complete so you can book your tickets to Orlando to get the first look.