Skycoaster Becomes The 10th Tallest Structure In Orlando

Last week brought another change to the I-4 skyline as a 250 ft high rollercoaster was completed at Fun Spot America. The Skycoaster arrived in Orlando from Las Vegas where it used to be located at the MGM Grand Hotel. The new Skycoaster will be different than the 300ft Kissimme Skycoaster and not just in height. It will be constructed using a metal frame and not just beams.

You might be saying, “This thing sounds pretty cool, but what the heck is a skycoaster?” A skycoaster is an amusement park ride where riders in groups of 1-3 are put together in a harness and then pulled up to the top of a launch tower. They are then released and fly, like a pendulum, back and forth under a giant arch.

There are a lot of impressive facts about the height of the Skycoaster. It is the 2nd tallest Skycoaster in the world and the first one at Fun Spot USA, Kissimmee, FL. Once it was completed it became the 10th highest structure in Orlando and the 2nd tallest on I-Drive. It is so tall that it will require FAA aircraft lighting! It will be visible for miles.

Skycoaster is only the start of a $20 million expansion to Fun Spot America, which will also include two roller coasters, rip curl, tilt-a-whirl and a crazy new wood and steel combination rollercoaster called White Lightning. There are also plans for a water park and other thrill rides in the near future.

These new additions add to the incredible expansions going on or planned in the Tourist District and Orlando attractions, including Universal Studios, Disney, and Sea World.  It is an exciting time to plan your group or class trip to Orlando.