The Amazing Adventures Of Spider Man Now In 3-D at Universal’s Islands of Adventure!

Amazing Adventures Of Spider ManThe old Spider Man ride at Universal’s Islands of Adventure was one of the most acclaimed theme rides in history and set a standard for simulator rides. This past March, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man was re-opened and is better than ever! It is now a 3-D ride with “mind-blowing new effects”, which gives it a brand new element of fun! Visitors now wear new high-tech 3-D glasses and get to experience new high-definition animation, audio, and lighting.

This family friendly ride has a new storyline too.  This time the diabolical villains of the Sinister Syndicate have stolen the Statue of Liberty and you and Spider-Man have to save the day. During the ride you feel like you are flying through the streets and scaling sky scrapers with Spider-Man.  Part of the fun is a 400 foot freefall, from one of the skyscrapers you climbed, to the streets below.

The new Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is the first ever combination of a motion-based ride vehicle, 3-D film, and live action. According to the website the simulator’s set includes 1.5 acres of adventure!

So visit Universal’s Islands of Adventure for Spider-Man, Harry Potter, and more!